December 31, 2020

Know More About Indirect Sales Channels

By ush10

There are four main types of indirect sales channels: Affiliates are companies that sell products or services in exchange for a commission slot joker online. This includes third parties that serve as intermediaries to link the company to affiliate sellers. Affiliates are only paid when they make a sale. You can provide affiliates with advertising and marketing tools for increasing traffic and growing the business.

Resellers sell directly to customers in face-to-face settings (e.g., retail stores, wholesalers, dealers), representing the manufacturer of the product. This is a common practice in the software and hardware industries. For example, a customer might purchase a smartphone from a telephone and Internet service provider’s store (the reseller) rather that the manufacturer’s store. Resellers are typically paid through a margin percentage or profit percentage on each sale.

Independent sales representatives are individuals who are hired on an as-needed basis to sell the company’s products or services. They can be added or removed as needed, which lowers the company’s overhead. One common example is an insurance agent who is paid on commission for the generation of new customers and renewal business.

System integrators are consultants who provide customers with specific solutions to their issues. They typically work in B2B product or services sales. For example, a system integrator might work with a company that provides hardware and software products as well as tech advice, and would provide sales and consulting services.